We’ve Got a New And Improved Search Engine!

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Our IT team heard your requests regarding our search engine, and we’re proud to introduce new features to make your music searches even better.

 The following enhancements streamline search steps and improve music search accuracy results:

  1. Choose between two search styles;
    1. “Search Within Results” – MORE IS MORE – the more terms you add, the more results you receive.
    2. “Exact Match” – MORE IS LESS – each term you add further limits results, as the system searches for exactly and only the terms you enter. For the power user who knows exactly what they’re looking for, “Exact Match” is your best bet.
  2. In a hurry, and don’t want to lose your search results? Simply log in, check “Save Search,” and your search results will be available to you next time you return.
  3. Left-Panel Options: Be as specific as you want – Select an option in Music For, an option from the Moods pane, and a Tempo/ BPM/ Duration from the tab. Click apply after visiting the final tab, and ALL selections appear!
  4. In need of more details? Hover your mouse over your search terms to see where the search term originates in our system. Want to know more about a track? Hover your mouse over any lengthy description for the full text to appear.
  5. Made a typo? Chances are good our smart system will catch and correct any mistake you make. Type Giutar (not GUITAR) and see what happens!
  6. Every search you perform creates a unique URL. Should you wish to share a search with a colleague, simply copy and paste the address in your browser window, and share!


 You’ve heard enough from us, go test it yourself right now: Megatrax Search

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