New Arrivals Fresh from the U.K. via Deep East Music

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Deep East Music, our authentic U.K. Catalog from London producers Alex Marchant and Ciaran McNeaney, is serving up four fresh offerings in U5: Cinematic Circles, Global Bass Shake, Piano Solemnity, and Epic Indie Super Magical. Get to know these new releases, and contact us at today to find out about using them in your next production!

New Arrivals Fresh from the U.K. via Deep East MusicDEM083- Cinematic Circles: Piano, strings, emotion & optimism built to soar.

Mr. Will Brown is back. Inspiring & challenging us all-at-once, once again! Here he brings tender & beautiful live pianos (some minimal, some twinkling & swirling, all of them dazzling) together with cello & strings. Tracks are all constructed to be emotive & heart-string tuggers, but then move into bright builds. Live lyric-less vocals (recorded out in Montpellier) give the pieces weightless, evocative & bright elements to connect with.

New Arrivals Fresh from the U.K. via Deep East MusicDEM084- Global Bass Shake: Zeitgeistin’ jump-up music from the planet’s 4 corners. So damn fine, that we sent pre-release copies to London DJs & tracks from this monster were getting people moving on summer festival dancefloors.

After a number of live sessions recording traditional native instruments in spots as far flung as Mumbai, Miami, Stockholm & North Africa, we distributed the takes to some of our favourite electronic producers of the moment (OST is actually the much hyped Tessela, Sonny Switch is actually house hit-maker Stonebridge! – the list goes on).

… What we got back are hyped & energetic, beat-thumping, bass-shifting, modern booty dance bangers. Each incorporating the live traditional element (albeit sometimes chopped & twisted) from a continent or country with a rich musical heritage. Every corner of the world now has relevant booming banging dance music for its citizens to get down to!

New Arrivals Fresh from the U.K. via Deep East MusicDEM085- Piano Solemnity: Matters for reflection. Causes of importance.

After the more simple & traditional live-piano pieces of his two minimalism albums recently on DEM, Jay North returns with a slightly more experimental set exploring deeper cinematic & documentarian soundscapes.

Here, he plays with recording sparse, but instantly melodic, piano pieces & layering them with organic atmospheres. Added to this on the majority of the tracks is a live string quartet & even the odd lolloping deep-beat. Sets scenes & amplifies weighty narratives.

New Arrivals Fresh from the U.K. via Deep East MusicDEM086- Epic Indie Super Magical: Alt-indie technicolour for belly butterflies & neck-hairs.

Well it’s certainly been a while since the great & (better-than) good ‘Brothers Bricheno’ came together for a Deep East project (the much-placed & super-dynamic DEM033 Epic Indie Anthemic was the last time). It has been worth the wait!

…. now they return with their best yet. Blending soaring indie guitars & song-craft with super-modern building synths & experimental euphoria. Circles of sounds swirl & drive forward with emotive hooks, warm vocals & majestic sparkles. Then they soar. They scale the skies. They brilliantly explode! Track 1 says it all ‘Life In Droves’.

All four of these new releases are available NOW at! Come listen today!

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