New From Deep East Music: Eager Tracks Ready to be Heard

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Deep East Music is back at it again with vibrant, brand new music. SIX newly released albums are clamoring for listening ears to take part in the work that the many talented people behind these albums have created. All of the following feel good music is available now at

twist warp distort deep east musicDEM147 Twist Warp Distort:
 Intense, orchestral elements that sting sharply and swell gigantically. A mix designed to initiate springing into action.

Think: Electronic, Modern, Uptempo, Suspenseful




deep east musicDEM148 Beyond The Atmosphere’s Edge: Epic, inspiring & hopeful human stories with soaring live strings & cello.

Think: Corporate/ Motivational, Orchestral, Powerful





deep east musicDEM149 Minimal Elegies & Elegance:
Sublime piano & strings for the human condition. Six tracks of solitude, six of hope.

Think: Rhythmic, Elegant, Gentle





deep east musicDEM150 Hype The City: Filtered fun, beats & hooks. Giving credible but accessible tunes that are underground but inclusive.

Think: Pop, Positive, Buzzing, Energetic





deep east musicDEM151 Big & Bashy Brass Breaks: The vibe is all live with this one. Horns have the floor in multitude for the biggest and brassiest sound.

Think: Funk, Swing, Big Band





deep east musicDEM152 Filmic Blueprints: Warm, resonating tones that fly through the atmosphere on complimentary soundwaves of emotional memories and moving content.

Think: Majestic, Poetic, Organic





Share with your friends and head over to for a dose of these cool new tracks today, and don’t hesitate to browse the archives for play and repeat worthy songs from the previous 146 releases in the Deep East catalog!

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