New From Zest: a “Bunch” of Colorful Releases

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ZEST collage

The fun and fizzy folks at Zest have done it again, adding FIVE new releases to the catalog’s fruity feast of music to make your mouth water and your productions POP! Available now on the New Release Buffet, be the first to sample…

ZST031 Flaming Flamenco:
Recorded all in Spain with local live musicians– a part-traditional and part-fusion collection of sizzlingly beautiful Latino pieces. Passionate beats and authentic flavors combine to create a masterpiece of melodies!

Think: Latin, Flamenco, Contemporary R&B, Urban Club

ZST032 Hyper Bright: New Dawns; New Days. The whole album has an awesome modern fizz of sound & rhythm to soundtrack the bright side of technological progress… & the people making it.

Think: Commercials/Retail, Lifestyles, Indie Pop, Corporate/ Motivational, Pop/Rock

ZST033 Grin-gredients:
Fizzy feel-good fun tunes. Bright live elements mixed with a programmed glow. Dancy, bouncy beats bubble up amidst claps, jingle-jangles and smiling ukulele strums.

Think: Commercials, Retail, Morning News, Lifestyles, Dance Pop, Teen/Tween Pop, Funk, Indie Pop

ZST034 Poppin’ Candy Gloss: Soda-sucking dance floor bubblegum. Full of candy-colored pops and sassy glossy bumps and wiggles.

Think: Pop/Rock, Electronica/Dance, Trap, EDM

ZST035 Daytime Funk: All-live, bright & tight brass-led funk-food for heart, soul & TV. Uptown, downtown, all-around, these funky tracks will move your feet and get booties bouncing.

Think: Funk, Soul, R&B

Grab your plate and meet us at for a taste of these tempting new treats today, and don’t feel shy about hitting the archives for sweet samples from the previous 30 releases in the Zest catalog!

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