New Megatrax Chart-Topping Hits Turn Up The Volume

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steven-bolarWhen listeners get ahold of our newest album, Top Charts 9: Urban Radio (MX354), the only thing that will come to mind is “pure fire.” With the help of Big Fish Audio Music Producer, Steven Bolar, the newest Megatrax album is sure to be the hottest album to date. Bolar explains the process behind creating some of the party-starting tracks.


Megatrax: How did you get involved in the making of this album?

Steven Bolar: I was contacted by JC wanting to know if I was available to do a couple of tracks for Top Charts 9. We narrowed in on a couple of different styles we wanted to hit.


MX: Where did you draw your inspiration from for the tracks that you worked on?

SB: Some clients of Megatrax had requested music similar to a particular trending song by a popular artist, so my inspiration for “Sorry That’s Just Me” came primarily from that.  It’s got a really cool blend of contemporary pop and old school funk and soul.  My wife, Lisa Bolar, who I’ve used in the past for Megatrax projects, brought the whole song to life with her melody, lyrics, and, of course, her amazing voice, which was perfect for this track.  mx354

EDM and pop have really merged to hit the mainstream so for my second track, “Borderline,” we wanted to hit some current trends in that style.  A popular trend right now in this style is pitched and chopped up vocal hooks. I had done a lot of listening to artists like Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Skrillex and a few others who have really made this sound in EDM popular.  For the verses and bridge, I called in a friend of mine, singer Matthew Grant. We had a more typical song form that went into the chorus, which created a non-lyrical chopped and pitched vocal hook.


MX: How do these tracks differ from the other work you’ve done with Megatrax?

SB: Well I’ve done other pop style tracks for Megatrax in the past, but since this was for “Top Charts 9” the range of styles can be pretty wide when you talk about top-charting music. Once I finished “Sorry that’s Just Me” I really had to do a 180 degree turn to get myself in the mode to now do a contemporary pop EDM track.  I had a little bit of a break in flow, but after doing considerable listening to get my writing engaged, I feel like we were able to contribute two really successful and useful tracks for this collection.


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