No Sheet Music: 30 More Albums Packed With New Talent

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Since joining forces in March, No Sheet Music has released a total of 60 albums under Megatrax this year. Creator and producer, Paul Plant, gives us the 411 on highlights of these new releases.

Megatrax: How has the relationship between No Sheet Music and Megatrax been since you began your collaboration in March?

Paul Plant: The team at Megatrax has made us all feel extremely welcome and part of their extended family. We’re confident that together we’ll get some great traction in the US market.

MX: What is the difference between the first 30 albums you released with Megatrax and the new 30 albums?

PP: The first 30 albums cover mostly pop and electro dance styles that work well as underscores for radio beds and are great for Daytime TV/ entertainment shows.  From album 31 onwards we decided to introduce more contemporary genres and Trailer music, which have been popular with TV promo teams, online usages and advertising. We’ve sought out new talent and songwriters and we also have a range of back catalogue belonging to our more established media writers, which is perfect for documentary, sport and entertainment content.

MX: Are there any notable contributors that you would like to mention in this release?

PP: There are so many, as mentioned albums 31 onwards showcase the songwriting talent of really special new talent. Dana McKeon’s ambient, beatbox pop album ‘NSM54 Halcyon’ has picked up a ton of interest on Twitter following tracks being placed in promos on leading TV broadcast channels. We’ve had a good amount of success with Dekko’s drum and bass/ future hip-hop album, ‘NSM36 Future Sonics’. This has proven to be hugely popular with our Sport clients. This batch is extremely diverse and we’re really proud of that; Horror, Indie, Orchestral, Folk, Urban, Rock – it’s all there!

MX: There are so many different genres in this release, is there one in particular that sticks out to you?

PP: Some of the UK’s most established and well-respected games and trailer composers have been involved in our latest Epic Trailer series so we’re really pleased with how this genre has evolved.

MX: This might be like picking a needle out of haystack, but do you have any favorite tracks within these 30 albums?

PP: “Fine Lines” from (NSM33) “Fly On The Wall” by Ron Alan Cohen is a suspenseful piano piece with light orchestration, marimba and builds to a fuller underscore with soaring strings and guitars.

“Yello” off the album (NSM36) “Future Sonics” by Dekko. We love the intensity of it, the wonky beats and jazzy chords.

“Be There” from (NSM41) “Deep In The House” – Michael Joyce’s track is an uplifting house anthem with driving bass and hooky female sample.

MX: Do you have a favorite album on the release?

PP: (NSM30) “Dream Pop Bliss Vol.1” Full of fuzzy, shimmery, synth pop notes and great for Summer and the two (NSM43) “Electro Django” albums really catch a moment that’s been huge in the UK scene.


You can coast on over to the No Sheet Music catalog page to hear the latest and greatest from NSM.

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