North Carolina’s WRNS Adopts IMGR Country Radio Imaging

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WRNS Country Radio95.1 WRNS, a heritage station in Eastern North Carolina covering a market of 2,500 square miles from the Capital to the coast (and consistently the number 1 country station and one of the top stations in the market), has adopted IMGR’s Country package for radio imaging from Megatrax Production Music’s MX Creative Radio.

WRNS’s Program Director, Carletta Blake, says: “Imaging is everything! It’s a huge part of your brand. If music is the cake of your station, imaging is the icing, and the icing is my favorite part… Imaging helps establish the feel and vibe of your station, it relays to the listener what you can’t in 10 seconds. It gives them information, it should be entertaining and keeps your station moving.”

Ms. Blake’s enthusiasm for IMGR Country includes the features she’s using and how it simplifies her tasks: “I was excited about the ability to have all the working parts, not just the finished product, of the sweepers, promos, etc. Having that ability automatically multiplies the amount of uses. I was also really excited about the possibility of another voice, specifically one that is female, to help make the station sound more dynamic. I’ve wanted a female voice on the station for a while but my budget didn’t support it… What makes IMGR different is the variety and functionality of it. If I’m not feeling particularly creative or I’ve been super busy and haven’t had the chance to sit down and write new imaging for the month, I don’t have to worry about it. And there’s so much that I want to use I’m having to pace myself.”

WRNS Program Director Carletta Blake
WRNS’s Program Director, Carletta Blake

IMGR Country is a constantly updating imaging service, fully customized to each client station. When clients log in, all the sweepers, promos and song intros have the client’s voice-overs with their branding, ready to air instantly. IMGR offers a substantial library of work parts, beds, sound design, drops and artist audio unique to a variety of formats. Users can customize content directly online, download it and access all the stems, allowing them to rearrange the audio, add additional production or take pieces they want for their own projects.

Ms. Blake says that when WRNS switched to IMGR Country: “Almost immediately other staff members noticed the change and commented on how good it sounds. And I agree!” To find out more about what IMGR Country can offer your station, visit or email Philip Macko at

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