Not Even Quiet Cows Can Stop Sound Engineer

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For the past few albums  Megatrax catalog, Megasonics, has brought you sounds from the cinema, the office, weaponry, and more. Now, Megasonics (MS010) and (MS011) heads to the farm and tees off. Preston Shepard, Sound Engineer, gives us more details on what went in to recording the sounds for these albums.


Megatrax: Where was the most interesting place you had to visit in order to get the right sound?


Preston Shepard: The most interesting place was “Farm Sanctuary” in Acton, CA, where many of the farm animal sounds came from.  They are an incredible rescue facility that has hundreds of animals that they rehabilitate after being rescued.


MX: Which location was the most fun for you?


PS: As an avid golfer, getting to record all of the golf sounds was more play than work, I enjoyed it very much.


MX: Were there any obstacles along the way that prevented you from getting certain sounds?


PS: I was hoping to get some cows mooing for this project, and it turns out that they only tend to make noise when they are agitated, which was not something I was aware of.  Since I was at a rescue facility, I wasn’t going to irritate them to get the moos I was hoping for, so I’ll have to try some more locations the next time around!


You can hear all of the sound effects and foley Megatrax has to offer by following the link here: Megasonics.

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