notes from production: an update from wendie colter, director of production

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Wendie Colter, Megatrax’s Director of Production, took some time out of her busy Producer Wendie Colterschedule this week to share what’s happening in her neck of the woods.

What’s new in Production?

We’ve been very busy in the Production Department! Our fabulous music supervisors, Belinda Robles and Kurt Liedtke have been assisting our clients with their Fall season programming and promos. Our ever-efficient Production Coordinator, Arielle Silver is planning some special product releases for 4th Quarter. Studio Engineer Derek Jones is currently applying his magic ears to the next round of music. In addition to all this, we’re working on upgrading our Search and Browse engines for more ease of use. Lots going on behind the scenes!

What are you working on now?

We’ve just released our 3rd Quarter update — 22 discs of terrific tracks! Here are a few of my favorites:

MX233 Superheroes – heroic, powerful orchestral tracks for caped crusaders

TS055 I Heart Christmas – fun and unique holiday music that I promise you haven’t ever heard before!

MQ005 Songwriter Café 2 – our second artist compilation showcasing amazing singer/songwriters from all over the U.S. – full lyrics and vocals

BB019 Tasty Turntable Treats – turntable-driven hip-hop with unrivaled scratching by world-renowned DJ Revolution

RPM071 Funk Soul Power – modern grooves powered by classic funk, soul and R&B guaranteed to make you shake a tailfeather!

INX170 Minimal Threat – minimalist arrangements for maximum suspense – creepy thrills!

Another great round is coming up for our 4th Quarter release – stay tuned for a sneak peak and insider info in next month’s column.

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened in the last month?

I can’t give out any details just yet, but one of our top composers is slated to score a high profile film for one of the hottest filmmakers working today. I’ll let you know as soon as I can spill the beans! ; )

Where are you going to be next?

I’ll be at the Westdoc Conference later this month and I’ll be in the crowd this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl to see Pink Martini 

pink martini

(I’ll be the one drinking a pink martini!).

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