The Process of Creating Custom Music

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The Process of Creating Custom MusicThe process of creating and/or overseeing production on a custom score is a combination of hard work and fun and sometimes maybe not as much fun as you hoped for. My team and I generally love what our chosen vocation is, but like anything else, it has its ups and downs. From the initial creative call with a client through to the project being delivered in its full mastered mix, it represents what has usually been a process of some back and forth feedback, maybe a couple of tweaks and voila – here is your custom music score ready to musically carry your message that you entrusted us to create. It can and should represent a magic combination of lyric (when applicable), instrumentation, melody, tempo and sonic quality.

The reality is, we’re a service business. My job is to help bring to life the client’s message in a way that supersedes what their abilities and/or resources would have allowed them to do themselves. I get called because I’ve done this many, many times and am able to access a talent pool unlike many that includes professional musicians, vocalists, composers, arrangers and engineers. This process is a reminder of taking a new song into a recording session and having the end result of input result in a recording beyond what I had imagined. 

I have to make my clients happy. End of story. Most of the time they love what we’ve created given their input and they are eager to take it to the marketplace to help achieve its original goal of messaging. On rare occasions, I am asked to make production decisions that might not be exactly what I believe it should be. But that’s what the client wants and as long as I can still turn in a professionally performed arrangement of their musical needs, I’m happy, too. Granted, it might not exactly reflect what I would have done, but really – no harm, no foul. They end up with something they have invested their thoughts in and still get something beyond their expectations.

It’s music and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve these needs. It’s still fun.

– Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast

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