Producer Wendie Colter Raves About TS090, Ambient EDM

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Producer Wendie Colter Raves About TS090, Ambient EDMWe recently sat down with Wendie Colter to find out more about her latest project, the newly released album “Ambient EDM” (TS090) for Megatrax’s The Scene catalog. Here’s what she had to say…

Megatrax: Can you describe the overall mood & sound of TS090 Ambient EDM?
Wendie Colter: I call this music “ambient energy”. These are evocative electronica soundscapes and underscores for every mood. All of the tracks are in the EDM genre, with rich electronic textures, layers and grooves. What I especially like is that the composer’s musical vocabulary is so varied – a bit of glitch here, a cool retro vibe there, ethereal ambience as well — but all of his pieces work so brilliantly to picture. You don’t always find this with electronica artists because it’s usually such a club-oriented genre, but when I heard his music I was excited about how different and useful it is. (More on the composer below!).

MX: Are there any tracks that stand out as being particularly special for you?
WC: I love Track 1, “Rise Up” – it’s uplifting and positive with that steady EDM groove. I also really like Track 4, “Critical Point” – a terrific tension builder perfect for investigative scenes or those tense Reality TV moments. Because I’m a sucker for a great melody, I love Track 5, “Dawn Breaker” — but there are so many great tracks on here, it’s hard to pick just a few.

MX: Are there any special collaborators, instruments or techniques worth noting on this release?
WC: The composer on this project is the wonderful British electronica artist David Campbell Watson. He had planned on creating this volume as his next commercial release, so I’m very happy to have it available in The Scene.

MX: How does this release fit into The Scene as a whole?
WC: My philosophy is to seek out composers and artists who are experts in their musical genres and areas, so clients can get the authentic sound and feel for their projects.

MX: What are some of the settings you can easily see the tracks on this release being used in?
WC: This music has so many applications – television and film scores, Reality TV, documentaries, commercials, promos, etc. The tracks are very “cinematic” in approach, which is also unusual for the electronica genre – so anywhere underscore music is used, this will music will work great!

Producer Wendie Colter Raves About TS090, Ambient EDMMX: What’s coming up from The Scene?
WC: I’m working on several new and exciting projects, including a unique project with famed Israeli composer Udi Harpaz. Stay tuned!

Wendie Colter has produced a variety of music for the Megatrax family of catalogs, including The Scene, Marquee Music, Sensacion and Megatrax’s flagship catalog. Her credits also include music supervision for award-winning independent feature films, and she is an accomplished composer and recording artist whose music has been featured in national ad campaigns, as well as in television shows and feature film scores.

You can find TS090, Ambient EDM, at today!

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