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mx313_hires2What’s bumping in the club right now? It’s MX323 Club EDM. Featuring electronica and dance, EDM, urban club and house, these tracks are on fleek. We spoke with two of the contributors, producer/engineer/performer/composer Kyle Moorman, and composer/promoter Ayax Arroyo (aka AJ Afterparty) (both making their debut with Megatrax) about their contributions and the feel of the album.


Megatrax: What did you each bring to the table for this release?

Kyle Moorman: I did five tracks. A couple big room house kind of tracks and then some slower tracks. One of them sort of a moombahton/ trap vibe and the other a more drum centred sort of track in the vein of Diplo/ Major Lazer etc.

AJ Afterparty: I made two tracks for the album Crossfade and Playtime (although im pretty sure they’re named something else now)  One of them was a funky sexy track similar to Diplo/Steve Aoki/Afrojack.  It has elements of Dutch House, Trap, and a subtle hint of dubstep.  The other track was more of a four to the floor hard house track with a darker vibe and heavy saw synths.  It’s similar to artists such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, or David Guetta.


Kyle Moorman
Kyle Moorman

MX: How authentic do you think these tracks are to what you’d actually hear in a club?

AJ: I would actually say that these tracks are definitely spot on EDM club tracks.  I’ve actually spun these at a couple events (hehe). Crossfade is also something you’d hear at an EDM festival such as Ultra, or EDC.

KM: The sound systems (in clubs) can get pretty ridiculous, but you still have to have a good mixdown for it to sound good in the club… if your low-end balance is off, it’s going to sound really weird. I think the stuff I did sounds on par with a lot of the commercially released EDM out there, but there are people who are much better than I am.


MX: Where can you imagine hearing these tracks used?

KM: I don’t really think about where something will end up when I’m doing tracks like this. I know if I work hard on it, and I’m happy with it, it will end up being useful somewhere. I’m usually inspired when I’m not listening to music. I listen to a lot of NPR and audiobooks when I’m not in the studio because my brain needs a chance to get away from music to be able to come back to it fresh.

You never know what will end up where or who is going to want what but I feel most of these tracks would probably work for younger demographic car ads I guess. Maybe the ad team for the new mc. rib wants a nasty club banger to amp people up, who knows.

AJ Aftershock
AJ Afterparty

AJ: I pride myself in being a versatile artist and producer.  So I wanted to create these tracks totally different from each other, even though they are part of the EDM genre umbrella.  For the funky one I was picturing more of a wild house party, lots of booze, ladies and fun.  The harder one I was vibing with some sort of high-speed car chase or nightlife event at an exotic location. It has a slight Egyptian feel to it.

Ready to get down? MX323 Club EDM is available on Megatrax.com now. Want more? Check out MX309 Top Charts 6: Pop And Club Hitz, MX319 Cool Commercials 8, MX294 Top Charts 3: Hot Vocals, and MX291 Inspiration.


AJ Afterparty writes music for Television Shows/Networks and helps develop talented artists, as well as promoting his own material. Kyle Moorman is founder and head creative director for Clockwork Creative. His previous commercial work (produced/wrote/performed) includes 3 spots during the Fruit of the Loom 2012 Olympics campaign, among others, and he has produced, engineered, and mixed on several platinum and gold selling singles with artists including Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jason Derulo, and more.

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