Q2 Planning for Music Budget and Branding Needs

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brand differentiationIt seems like yesterday when you were prepping for the May book. But now, it’s happening again. The good news is, it’s not too late– or even probably too expensive– to consider an audience-endearing campaign.

Whether you’re a station that’s in a dog fight for the #1 position, or a perennial #3 or 4 that needs to do something (anything) to make some noise, you probably don’t have to look far to have something to crow about. New on-air talent, even old on-air talent, the most accurate weather forecasting, your investigative team that should be a superhero character, you know – THAT kind of something.

Personalizing your station by seeing video of your talent in different settings than what the audience is accustomed to can go a long way in strengthening your image to your community. Couple that with a well written :30 song about who you are and you have a winning combination. Getting away from the same old shots of your weather people sweating over computers or your investigative teams chasing bad guys down the street while your v.o. person relentlessly talks about your station’s virtues gives you– the creative person in the room– a chance to tell the same story, but in a much more appealing way that has more staying power.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? Your audience complains that they can’t get that new image song out of their heads? What a tragedy that would be. (insert big smiley face)

– Randy Hart, CSD for Aircast Custom Music

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