Randy Hart on Why Some Music Sticks in Your Head

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Randy Hart on Why Some Music Sticks in Your HeadThough many articles have been written on the science of music – how it affects emotions, how it’s processed, what the neurological chain of events are, etc., this link takes you to an easy-to-understand explanation of why some music “sticks” and some doesn’t. 

The stickiness, or memorability, of a piece of music certainly comes into play when you’re creating jingles. I use the term “jingle” as a broad category to include all of the sub-categories related to broadcast needs, i.e. themes, promos, image spots, commercials, etc. Granted, television introduces a visual element that has its own emotional network to navigate, but the impact and memorability of a piece of music can get stuck in your head whereas a :30 (as an example) video with the sound turned down will not.

As a staunch advocate for memorable music, I invite you to read about the three main reasons for this memorability – tempo, melodic element and what this author calls “unique intervals,” or catchy variations within a theme.

There’s too much music bombarding us these days in all aspects of everyday life – much of it what I call “noise with notes.” If a musical message doesn’t have the stickiness, it fails in its primary objective, which is to illicit an emotional response.

‘Nuf said.

-Randy Hart, CSD for Aircast Custom Music

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