Randy Hart on The Right Tool for the Job

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Randy HartFrom Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast Music.

At the beginning of the year in the Ryman Auditorium, there was a brand new Yamaha C7X piano at my fingertips. The Grand Ole Opry had received two of these pianos for Opry performances, and I am the real beneficiary.

I can hear you out there saying, “Why does this matter, and what does it have to do with me?”

Frankly, I don’t know, but I’ll tell you the story anyway and explain why it matters.

Regardless of your vocation (brick mason, IT person, sales, musician, etc.), your job requires tools. This starts with what’s between your shoulders and above your neck. After that, you need stuff. And the better the stuff you have, the better you are able to do your job. In the case of the new piano, it’s much more expressive than the one it replaced. Music needs expression. This instrument represents a refinement over the wonderful piano that got swapped out, and it makes me sound better.

Because this piano is more expressive, I can be more expressive. Music is and should be emotional. If you are using it for communicating a message, that’s a powerful tool at your disposal, if you have the right one. Nuances matter.

Bottom line, choose and use your music wisely. You don’t want to waste the good stuff.

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