Randy Hart on Perfection Versus Excellence

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It’s summertime kids. No lessons today. But I’ll share with you a couple of wonderful pieces of film and music I just found.

In the age of perfect sounding records made entirely possible by digital tools, it’s fun to go into the way back machine of youtube and see / hear how performances wowed people purely with talent including singing skills, musicianship, arrangements and even early electronic gimmickry.

Here are a couple of pieces you might enjoy that I found recently. Of course, going youtube diving can go on forever, but for the sake of this discussion, here are live recordings that are both 70+ years old.

The Ross Sisters – Simple Potato Salad

This is a remarkable mind-boggling combination of dance and acrobatics from 1944.

Alvino Rey Orchestra with Stringy

Back in the 70s, a young audience was enthralled with Peter Frampton’s use of a “talk box”. Check this out 30+ years before that.

Just a little summertime analog fun. Enjoy!

– Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast Music

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