Randy Hart on “The Thrill of a Ringtone”

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Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to read a brag, stop now and go back to doing what you were doing.

A few years ago, when the ad agency for the California Dairy Council needed a yodeling cow for one of their commercials, naturally they called someone in Nashville – not exactly the yodeling capital of the world, but close enough. I was that someone. Here’s the spot:

The thought then occurred to Megatrax we should have an extended song featuring a yodel. We won’t say the phones were ringing off the hook for something like this, but deep down we all knew its time would come – someday, somehow.

spider-man ringtone megatrax randy hartFast forward to 2017 when the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming is in final production shortly before its release. The one audio element in the movie they desperately needed to ensure a box office smash was a ringtone that had a yodel in it. Our film division didn’t have to look far to identify the perfect track.

I am proud to say that when Peter Parker’s ringtone goes off (three times in the movie), you will hear the fruits of our labor. Spiderman Homecoming: Peter Parker’s ringtone 

Referring to the title of this blog, yes – I was unabashedly thrilled to sit in the theater and wait to hear his cell phone ring. And I got a further kick when I realized this was getting some buzz online for people wanting to get this for their own phone.

Yodeling mission accomplished.

(Want the ringtone for yourself? Get it here!)

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