Randy Hart’s Day in the Life of a Working Musician

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Randy Hart OpryI live a double life, but both are related to music. This blog will be a condensed version of how a day can shake out for me in my capacity as Creative Director for Aircast Custom Music by day (and some nights), followed by my role as staff pianist at the Grand Ole Opry.

After the day starting at 6:00A, I will get the miscellaneous paperwork out of the way before heading to my mix engineer’s studio at 9. Today we’re recording vocals and then mixing tracks for the new Sinclair Broadcasting promos for their courtroom and reality confrontation programs.

Singer shows up at 9:30 and after a few takes (knowing we have enough to cobble together the version we want), we start mixing about 11:00 after I’ve put a couple of harmonies on. I leave the engineer to himself to set the mix up and return after he has the track tweaked to near perfection, then I come in with a couple of suggestions to make minor changes. He humors me and makes the changes which make it an absolute masterpiece. I’m hungry now. We must eat.

randy hart aircastReturning from our favorite mexican restaurant, we begin the process of cut downs of this track. Determining what portions of the :30 jingle need to be cut down and in some cases rearranged for a :20, :15, :10 and :05 can be tedious. Because exact timing is vital so the broadcast computers won’t cut the tune off too early, we shave bits here and there to get what we need. Once complete, I send the finals off to client.

Back in the office for a few hours to return emails and calls and then head to the Opry.

Listening to the night’s songs I’ll be playing on as I drive to the Opry, we have a 6:30 and 6:45 run through with the artists that have requested this run down. Show starts at 7, so these rehearsals are to make sure the tempo and arrangements are as needed. Out to the stage we go. The 8:00 intermission has another run down scheduled so we repeat the same process before going back on stage to perform with the show ending at 9:15.

I’m hungry.

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