Rock, Pop, Outlaws and Guitars: Four Hot New Releases from Megatrax!

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chromaco : 123RF Stock PhotoMegatrax co-founder and CCO JC Dwyer produced four of the releases out this March: Top Charts 1 & 2 (MX272″Dance Pop” MX273 “Indie Rock”) for our signature Megatrax catalog, and TS083 ”Outlaws, Hillbillies & Rednecks” and TS084 “Guitar Soundscapes” for The Scene. His latest contributions to Megatrax’s diverse offerings feature some stellar musicians. Here’s what you can expect:

Top Charts 1: Dance Pop– Chart-topping pop and mx272urban club styles with full lyrics and vocals. Listen for vocals from Katie Marino, an up-and-coming singer who has toured with Jessica Simpson and Rascal Flatts as a background vocalist and is honing her skills as a producer under the tutelage of Donald “XL” Robertson Jr. and others. In addition to vocals, Katie co-wrote three of the tracks on this album with JC.

Top Charts 2: Indie Rock
Amazing indie rock and pop rock featuring all of todamx273y’s alt-rock and pop styles. Listen for two tracks from songwriter and composer Bret Levick, whose “Angel Face” from The Scene, vol. 58, “History Of Punk” will be featured in Halle Berry’s film due out in March, “The Call.”


Outlaws, Hillbillies & Rednecks– Swampy and gritty Delta Blues, country/rock, acoustic and electric guitars. This one’s ideal for reality shows and high-octane dramas like True Blood, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Listen for Bill Pearson, world-class songwriter, composer and producer. You may remember him for his haunting score for the Academy Award-winning
documentary “Twin Towers.”

Guitar Soundscapes– Cinematic and ambient guitars from dark to light. These tunes set a ts084mysterious or action mood perfect for trailers, reality television and scoring. Keep an ear out for contributions from Steve Ouimette, who wrote three cues on the album. Ouimette is a versatile guitarist who has scored many video games. His work appeared on every Guitar Hero game released between 2007 and 2010.

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