SABOR BRASIL 2: Adding More Brazilian Flavors Just In Time For The Olympics

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Sensaciónsensacion sabor brasil, the Megatrax catalog specifically dedicated to the authentic sounds of Latin America, is back with an all new second installment of the popular Brazilian album (SN012) Sabor Brasil. Megatrax co-founder and (SN017) Sabor Brasil 2 producer, Ron Mendelsohn, shared details with us on what to expect from this new album.


Megatrax: How does this album differ from the first Sabor Brasil?

Ron Mendelsohn: We produced Sabor Brazil 2 based on the overwhelming positive feedback from the first album. This second album features more great styles of Brazilian music that were specifically requested by our clients in Brazil and around the world.


MX: What draws you to Brazilian music?

RM: Brazilian music is one of my all-time favorite types of music. There are elements of jazz and influences of African, Caribbean and indigenous South American folk styles that combine to form a passionate and unique musical fusion. Of course the fact that the album was recorded with all live musicians and vocalists in Rio elevates the quality of the production to something quite extraordinary in the realm of production music.


MX: Did the upcoming Summer Olympics have any influence on the album?

RM: Absolutely. We scheduled the album release to coincide with the Summer Olympics knowing that there would be a surge in demand for Brazilian music around this time.


MX: The album sounds so authentic. What’s behind that?

RM: The entire album, as well as the previous album, were produced by Studio Nova Onda in Rio De Janeiro. They brought together a wonderful team of talented musicians and producers to make this album possible.


MX: Are there any unusual or special things we should listen for?

RM: The album features a unique mix of both traditional and contemporary styles. You will hear a broad range of styles from “Rancheira” folk styles with accordion to contemporary “Sertanejo Universitario” pop styles.


MX: Do you have a favorite track on the album?

RM: Personally, I adore cool samba tracks like “No Requebrar Da Mulata” (The Rhythm Of Her Hips) and “Vem Pra Roda Iô Iô” (Dance The Samba). Chorinho styles such as “Olha O Jeitinho Dela” (Her Charm) are also among my favorites since they demonstrate incredible musicianship.


Sabor Brasil 2 is available at now, and make sure to check out the original Sabor Brasil and the rest of the great albums in the Sensación catalog while you’re there!

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