Sean Smith Spins The Tale of our Avant-Garde Hip-Hop Collective: The Trojan Opus

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Sean Smith
Sean Smith

MX326 The Trojan Opus: A Hip-Hop Collective is avant-garde hip-hop songs infused with crawling beats, infectious melodies, soaring hooks and rhymes. Producer, songwriter and performer Sean Smith stepped away from his role as Megatrax’s Division Manager for Film and Television on the West Coast to bring the funk to this release perfect for setting an authentic hip-hop mood in any production. We talked to Sean about the album and his inspiration, and here’s what he had to say…

I’m a big fan of Drake and the OVO sound. However, my biggest influences are Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Tupac, Eminem, DJ Quik and the Bad Boy sound.

Oftentimes, library hip hop tends to be overproduced and too glossy.

Authenticity derives from a narrative that’s relevant to the era while staying true to who you are and what you represent. I would also say that being unique is a huge factor in hip hop culture. Nowadays, it seems like everybody sounds the same.

MX326 The Trojan OpusOn this album, the goal was to create tracks that are street, raw and in your face. Somewhat of a blend between the old and new school flow of hip-hop.  Of course, it was a must to include a few feel good party songs to make you dance. Contributions were made by the very talented Mike J., Freshboy Marc, DJ DreGhost, Kenny “Kikbak” Moron and S. Montel.

Recording took place in L.A., Manhattan Beach, Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio. The original recording experience was great. Felt really good. There was some debate on the final mixes but in the end, it all worked out.

For beats that bang, hooks that swang, 808’s trap, clap and all that, check out The Trojan Opus: A Hip-Hop Collective, available at now. And if you love it and want more, try MX244 Hip Hop Party and MX173 Hip-Hop Chopshop Vol. 3.

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