Searches Made Easier with ‘More Like This’ Tool

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Finding the perfect track has become easier with the new search tool from Megatrax called

“More Like This!”

Sometimes a selected track might be a good fit for a project, but not the perfect one. We created “More Like This” so any user can find more tracks that sound similar to the one they’ve previously chosen.

The new tool can help narrow your search for that perfect track by pulling similar attributes from the category and description fields to come up with exactly what’s needed for your project.

“We are very pleased to add ‘More Like This’ functionality to our website search system. This important feature, developed in response to many client requests, will allow Megatrax users to save valuable time and fine-tune their searches in a way never before possible,” says Megatrax CEO, Ron Mendelsohn.

See how easy it is to search by following the link now: Megatrax Browse

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