Song Bites 8: Radio-Ready Urban Sounds Ready to Rock You NOW

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beat bites song bites christian salyerProducer Christian Salyer knows what’s hot, and his latest entry in the Song Bites series for the Beat Bites catalog is so good, you won’t believe this isn’t a playlist of chart-topping radio hits. We caught up with Christian to learn more about this release, featuring soulful R&B, hip-hop, pop, and dance songs, and more.

Megatrax Blog: What characteristics define the Song Bites series, versus Sugar-Free Beats or Movie Munchies?

Christian Salyer: Song Bites series features full Songs with Vocals based on what’s hot in modern radio and urban-based culture. The songs are written to sound like records, not music for TV.

The Movie Munchies series is focused on blending the sound of movie trailers with modern rock, electronic and or urban sounds and grooves. It is a great hybrid that brings something new to traditional cinematic score.

The Sugar-Free Beats series is what you get when you strip modern music down to its very essence of just drums and bass. It is very useful for anyone that wants music that gives a scene a great sense of movement but without sounds that will get in the way of the dialog.


MB: “Song Bites 8: Urban Radio 2” is your first Song Bites release since Song Bites 7: Urban Radio. What inspired the new release in this series?

CS: Actually we started it right after we finished up that release. We are always focused on quality, and because of this it took us this long to come up with the 10 songs we wanted to put out. We are hoping by staying true to being a high quality catalog that we can be a stand out brand, and this is especially true of our Song Bites series.


MB: Are there any standout tracks you’re especially excited about on this release?

CS: Oh that is a tuff one… let me think. “Let’s go far away” I really like because it is a great blend of R&B Pop and Rap… It really just gives you that feel-good vibe while keeping a sense of cool to it.

Then on the opposite side of the spectrum is “Love with a stripper.” I am excited about this one because it really captures the more street-based sound and attitude that is going on right now.


MB: Are there any techniques, instrumentation or arrangements worth calling special attention to?

CS: Offhand I think the main thing to point out is a lot of the songs on this release have a type of sci-fi, spacey overtone to them. This is inspired by what we hear going on right now with all the new underground urban music. I encourage everyone to go online and listen to all the new up and coming artists. You will find that a lot of them share a similarity in their sparse and spaced-out sound foundation.


MB: Are there any contributors you’d like to draw attention to?

CS: All of our people are doing amazing things, but on this project I would like to take the time to highlight Marcus White, A.K.A. “Seige Monstracity.”  He has worked with Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Tyrese, Busta Rhymes and many more. Currently he is working with Epic recording artist “NameBrand” on his debut album. You can listen to one of there collaborations here:

MB: Several Beat Bites tracks are featured on the upcoming DVD release of Guardians of the Galaxy. How does it feel to be part of such a big hit film?

CS: It feels stellar… That was one of the big movies of the summer and one that i really enjoyed watching in IMAX 3D. I am also a bit of a Marvel fan boy so that adds a bit of extra satisfaction for me personally.


MB: All of the series in the Beat Bites catalog have snack names– do you have a major sweet tooth?

CS: (Laughs) Well, I love things that are sweet, but that is not the main reason. When I looked at building this catalog I did a lot of research, and what I found was that every library that had Urban, Rock and Electronic-based music had the same claims. They said things like “Street,” “Authentic,” “Legit” and various other terms to try and prove that they where the real thing. When I listened to their music, it was usually anything but the words they used. In most cases it was corny and uninspired versions of the real thing.

So I decided that we would take a different approach. We would do the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing. We would be lighthearted and let the music speak for itself. Of course we have to use some of these same words, but we try to do it in a fun way that does not have to prove the validity of the music itself. We just want to catch people’s attention so they are curious enough to take a listen. I believe that once they do, they will get addicted to the taste of our tangy, and sometimes twisted, musical goodness. (Laughs)


MB: What’s next for Beat Bites?

CS: We’ve got a bunch of great things in the works, including “Nu-Disco Delights,” “Rocky Road Racers,” “Electro Party Pops 2,” “Sugar-Free Beats 8” and the introduction of a new series for us called “Sonic Drops.”

Sonic Drops will be our sound elements series. Some of the elements we will feature include risers, transitions, glitches, impacts, swooshes and drones. The first release in this series will be called “Sonic Drops Drama.”


The radio-ready Song Bites 8 is available now on Check it out today, and email us at to find out about using Beat Bites tracks in your next production.

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