Sports + Hip-Hop = An Epic Outcome

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You’ve heard his tracks on shows for ABC, CBS, FOX, and big brand commercials. Hip-Hop artist and producer, Kikbak, a.k.a. Kenny Moron, will soon be adding more credits to the list with the newest Megatrax album, Top Of The Game: Epic Sports Hip-Hop. We talked to the epic sports curator about album highlights and where these tracks can best be placed. 


Megatrax: How is this album different from albums you’ve done with Megatrax in the past?

Kenny Moron: Top Of The Game: Epic Sports Hip-Hop (MX387) is the first epic sports hip-hop themed album that I’ve created for Megatrax.  Much of the music that I’ve produced for Megatrax in the past has been heavily instrumental. This album features male and female vocalists who energize and enliven the audience with lyrics to underscore the winning spirit in broadcast sports competitions.


MX: Where do you see this album being placed right now?

KM: I produced tracks that span the gamut of sports-themed broadcasting. They can easily be worked into live event coverage, sports promos, features, bumpers, in-game play, highlights, and sports advertising.


MX:  What track on the album stands out to you the most?

KM: “Champion Heart.”

The lyrics inspire and energize the audience to rise to victory besides their favorite team.  The music underscores the winning spirit of broadcast sports competition.


MX: Is there anything about this album that people would be surprised to learn?


KM: The song “Eye on the Prize” is one of my favorites. I liked it so much so that you’ll find it features a female and male vocalist version.

This album also features REAL analog summing in the mixing process for warmth, saturation, and punch.


MX: Tell us about what’s on deck next with Megatrax.

KM: I have another release coming out in 2018 for Megatrax called “B.I.G Drumz.”  It features huge, punchy,  in-your-face drums for those big attention-grabbing promos, highlights, and commercials.


Get in the know with more of Kikbak’s music for Megatrax here: Kenny Moron

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