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stripmall architectureSan Francisco’s Stripmall Architecture is composed of Rebecca Coseboom (vocals), Ryan Coseboom (guitars/noise), Tim Hingston (guitar), Erica Mulkey (cello/backing vocals), and Lauren (drums). FutureSounds says of them: “Ryan Coseboom’s fingerprints can be found on recordings and remixes by Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Low and countless others. Rebecca Coseboom’s voice has graced recordings by UNKLE and has been celebrated by everyone from CMJ to MSNBC. Together, they have been called ‘one of the greatest live acts on earth’ (KEXP) and ‘a mini super-group’…”

Ryan and Rebecca have created a delicious sonic dreamscape with the gentle “Antarctica,” featured on Marquee Music 009, “Indie Nation.” Radio-ready and extremely atmospheric, this versatile track would be just as powerful setting a scene as it would be quietly underscoring a moment of emotional impact.

We sat down with Ryan Coseboom to learn more about the band, the track, and what’s coming next.

Megatrax: What’s the story behind the name “Stripmall Architecture”?

Ryan Coseboom: I don’t think it was any one thing that led us to it. We both came from deep in the suburbs so it’s sort of a reference to that.

MX: How did you form the group, and how long have you been together?

RC: We started Stripmall Architecture in 2008 when our previous band broke up. We’ve been going since then.

MX: What was the inspiration for “Antarctica”?

RC: Antarctica was one of the first tracks we did after we started buying a bunch of vintage synthesizers. We wrote it rather quickly.

MX: Are there any special moments, techniques, or contributors on the song that you’d like to point out?

RC: This song is just Rebecca and I, but she’s singing in the higher part of her voice for most of the track. Lately, we’ve been trying to work with her lower register more. She has quite a powerful voice down there.

MX: How would you describe the vibe/feeling of Antarctica?

RC: It’s pretty upbeat for us. Maybe not lyrically, but it strikes me as one of our more user-friendly songs.

MX: How does that compare to your sound overall?

RC: We’ve been focusing more and more on our electronic side, so Antarctica is pretty indicative of what we’ve been doing lately.

MX: What’s coming up next for Stripmall Architecture?

RC: We’re starting to play live again after some time off. We’re also finishing up a new release, which will happen early in 2014.

Listen to Antarctica at today, and contact us at to find out about using it in your next production.

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