Talking Album Highlights with Composers Steve E. Williams, Randy Hart, & More

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Hear from some of our seasoned composers on what makes four of our newest albums stand out.


Glitch Rock (MX376) – Ivan Virijevic


Ivan’s Definition: Heavy, groovy orchestra playing a whole bunch of modern rock and metal styles, mixed with today’s glitchy electronica; sort of a soundtrack for modern video production with its fast montage and effects.


Ivan’s Highlight: The balance between heaviness/glitchy movement and interplay between organic and electronic, as well as the number of styles covered, from thrash to heavy dubstep, and modern rock to big beat/metal hybrid, really adds something specific to the album.




Local Commercials (MX375) – Randy Hart


Randy’s Definition: Imagine driving down Main St. in a medium sized town.  There are buildings of different heights, widths and architectural styles.  In a musical sense, the arrangements of “Local Commercials” cues reflect a similar variation with music growing from minimal to full instrumentation and back down to simple percussion in different sequences.


Randy’s Highlight: Long form versions ranging between :90 and 2:15 are created with edit points leading in and out of different sections of dynamics and instrumentation.  Also included:  :60, :30, and :15 edits of full and narration mixes for producers and editors to create their own unique versions with ease. 



Urban Club (MX373) – Jay Lazaroff


Jay’s Definition:  Slamming beats with earth shaking sub bass and cutting synths full of great, current, radio-friendly melodies.


Jay’s Highlight: The hooks. These tracks are catchy and current with all the latest sounds. Urban Club tracks are perfect for transitions, underscore, and featured performances. The variety of tempo and style will cover whatever your project needs.




Chromatic Drones (MX378) – Steve E. Williams


Steve’s  Definition: A collection of highly versatile drones each produced in all twelve keys. Lower and higher octave range drones are provided with extensive style variety including: evolving ambient, braams, dissonant, buzzy and distorted, light organic, low strings and pulsing alarms.


Steve’s Highlight: The drones can be attached to the front or back end of any music cue, enabling the transition to stay in the same key.  These versatile drones are also useful when added underneath existing music.



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