Thanksgiving Gratitude for Music and Soup from Randy Hart

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When you hear people say, “I’m one of the luckiest people around,” if you’re like me the cynic quickly surfaces and blurts out “yeah, right.” Whatever the male equivalent of being a Debbie Downer is, that can be me.

Until…I realize I can make that same statement. I’ve made my living in music for over 40 years and am probably more grateful now than ever when I look back on where it’s taken me and where I am.

Just this past year, I’ve been involved in custom scoring projects; some are local, some are national and some are international. A custom score we did years ago became a ringtone for Spiderman: Homecoming which became a top selling ringtone itself. Right now, there’s someone probably in Vladivostok whose phone is ringing with my song.

Television stations all over the country have been playing jingles created in my own backyard.

From midtown Manhattan to L.A. and everywhere in between, we’ve had the good fortune to have our music on TV, radio and even the silver screen this year.

I like soup. It’s fall – a little gray, a little cool and rainy. Perfect for soup. I can get creative making minestrone, and my wife makes a great roasted butternut squash soup AND a chicken tortilla soup.

Yeah – I’m a lucky guy. Here come the holidays. Cherish good music, and good soup.

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