The Power of the Groove, from Randy Hart

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Justin Timberlake Chris Stapleton Duet CMA

A groove as defined by Webster is “a pronounced musical rhythm”.  A groove in musical terms is, a groove.  It’s a music element that can stick to the listener like Krazy Glue and dictates the foundation that a song is built on.

By now, tens of millions have seen this performance, but it’s worth a re-post.  Why?  In a city such as Nashville whose awards week is as significant to its entertainment product (in some respects) as the Academy awards are, the recent CMA (Country Music Association) awards  show came away with one standout performance.  This is not to disparage any others (I could get in trouble for that), but the Justin Timberlake / Chris Stapleton (relative newcomer on the country scene) duet is really what most people came away from this broadcast with any lasting memory.

To some viewers, this was a reminder of what a groove is and to others, it’s an introduction.  Regardless of age, this is what was acknowledged, talked about and enjoyed by millions.  To see this embraced by an audience at large is really good news to me.  If we’ve seen a pendulum swing away from this type of musical arrangement, I (along with many others) can only hope it’s swinging back.

– Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast Custom Music

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