Track Distillery Adds Hunger Games’ Voice To Its Roster

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TD034Maleficent and Hunger Games series’ singer and songwriter, Sunna Wehrmeijer has lent her calming voice to many projects, including the recently released Track Distillery album Ambient Suspense Underscores (TD034). We jumped at the opportunity to dive a little deeper into her fascinating world.

MX: How did you get involved with Megatrax and Track Distillery? 

Sunna Wehrmeijer: I was doing synth elements for one of the composers, Peter Bateman. This led to me writing for Track Distillery and also Megatrax.

MX: What inspiration do you bring to the atmospheric tracks you composed for this album?

SW: I would say my film scoring background. I have been using synth elements in my scores for years and the techniques I use in my film scores I use for this album, as well as experimenting with some new ideas. I always like the tracks to have a certain aspect of storytelling to them, which derives from my film scoring experiences. Sunna Shot

MX: What makes you gravitate toward this genre of music?

SW: I enjoy the endless possibilities of these atmospheric sort of tracks .There are so many sounds I can use, change, record, alter with plugins, etc, that it feels like an infinite river of opportunity for original sounding tracks.

MX: How do the tracks you wrote for Track Distillery differ from those that you’ve done in the past for Megatrax?

SW: They are formed using simple elements in a set structure.

MX: Your credits are familiar to many people. Can you tell us a little bit about what your experiences have been like working on major projects?

SW: I’m fortunate to have contributed music to some big blockbusters and it’s always a fantastic experience to get to write for a movie that’s made at such a high level. The journey of writing for a cinematic movie, recording the music and hearing it in the final film in the cinema is such joy.

MX: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you may have?

SW: In addition to doing a library album for A-list music, I’m currently writing for a TV-series that will air on NBC later this year.


Hear more of Sunna’s ethereal work for Megatrax on Supernatural 2 (MX337) and Sound Design – Tension (TD029).


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