Track Distillery: A Top-Shelf Catalog for Production Mixologists

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megatrax track distilleryMegatrax Production Music’s latest original catalog, Track Distillery, cuts to the essence of music, across all genres with core musical elements specifically designed for underscore and background in TV shows and commercials. From Orchestral to Rock to every downbeat between, each 2:00 cue has seamless edit points at :60, :30, :15… all the way to :05. Track Distillery tracks come with a full mix and a stem for every musical element within each cue, ready to remix, rearrange, or take back to basics. It’s the perfect cue for every picture.

Producer Derek Jones characterizes the new catalog as “responsive,” saying: “Track Distillery responds quickly to trends, requests and changes within the industry.  As one example, we have a full album of “Nortec”(TD028).  Nortec is an emerging style of hard techno that fuses elements of Norteno, Tambora and Banda, and we have 12 full tracks (63 total tracks) of it out before the trend has peaked.”

Track Distillery offers “stripped down” productions, for use in Reality TV show underscore and TV Commercials. All of the music in Track Distillery is designed with builds, stops, breaks and sting endings.  None of the tracks feature melodies or melodic instruments; all the cues are designed as beds to support scenes instead of overwhelming them.  The catalog benefits from an eclectic mix of veteran and emerging composers featuring the work of Peter Bateman, Sunna Wehrmeijer, Eddie Wohl, Mike Plas, Ivan Virijevic, Michael “NOMAD” Ripoll and David Sparkman, among others.

And like any great wine collection or cocktail menu, Track Distillery is about the ideal blend of quality and quantity. Standing out from catalogs that offer only a handful of tracks in a specific style within an individual release, Track Distillery is going hard into each niche, building full albums around specific themes, sounds, and sub-genres. Says Jones: “Every album in Track Distillery has 12 cues. All of them are in the same genre and same specific direction. They vary in tempo, key and musical composition, but the palette of sounds within an album are the same because I am purposefully limiting the composers to using only the core musical elements specific to the style they are writing. The concept is, if you love one track but it doesn’t quite work for your spot, you’ll have 11 others on that album with that same sound and style to choose from.”

Track Distillery launches today with 30 albums and a total of 1524 tracks on day one. Look for large-quantity, on-trend updates with each of Megatrax’s bi-monthly release cycles going forward. Contact Megatrax at for information on licensing. See more at

Track Distillery: Mix Responsibly.




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