Udi Harpaz Runs the Gamut of Sound in 3 New Releases for Megatrax

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Udi Harpaz

Israeli-born composer/conductor Udi Harpaz may have gotten your attention with his Apocalypse I & II releases for Megatrax earlier this year, but if he didn’t, we’re pretty sure he will now. Udi’s work is featured on three of the trailer and score releases out this month: Extreme Action (MX289), Epicus (MX290) and Indie Film Score (TS092). We talked to Udi about his work and his approach to these volumes and more.

Megatrax: How did you get in the different modes you needed to be in to write for such a variety of genres in a short time?

Udi Harpaz: Before I start working on a project I do some research to get acquainted with the style of music. In this particular instance I didn’t have to since trailer music & Indie films music are very close to my heart. Also I had the privilege to collaborate with two wonderful composers on these projects. On Extreme Action I collaborated with Or Chausha & on Indie Filmscore with Rotem Moav—two very talented composers.

MX: Your last contributions to Megatrax were Apocalypse I & II (MX268 & MX269). Do you see any similarities between those releases and these newer works?

UH: Apocalypse I & II and Extreme Action are essentially the same genre – trailer/promo music, although Extreme Action is more of a drum/percussion oriented project, thus more aggressive than the Apocalypse projects. The Indie Filmscore project is very different in nature; the music is softer, the orchestration is much lighter & the instrumentation is different.

MX: You compose a lot for television and film. How does your process differ when you’re working on production music?

UH: When composing for film & TV the composer is bound by the picture; he has to follow the action precisely & manipulate to the picture. In production music, although you do create certain moods in your music, you have much more freedom to express yourself musically.

MX: Are there any tracks on Extreme Action (MX289), Epicus (MX290) or Indie Film Score (TS092) that you’re particularly excited about?

UH: As a whole, I enjoy listening to the Indie Filmscore (release). It is more melodic, more song-oriented & it’s much more relaxed than the high-strung energy-packed trailer (releases). It also has unique instrumentation like the Comanche, which is an eastern violin and Santur (a Persian Dulcimer), Celtic Harp, Mandolin & more.

MX: What’s coming up next for you?

UH: Coming up are a couple of more production music (releases), a documentary film & more.

Check out all of Udi’s work for Megatrax on our website today, and contact us at info@megatrax.com to find out about bringing Udi’s sound to your production! 

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