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Election season is on us again, this year converging with the ramping up of the 2016 presidential race. Ready to meet your needs for music that uplifts and condemns, inspires and chastises, Megatrax is releasing two new volumes of elections-themed tracks: MX321 Campaigns and Elections 2, and INX324 Elections.

MX321 offers 20 tracks worth of positive and negative beds designed for political ads and election campaigns. INX324 asks, “Who is running for president?” And presents an election campaign mix for vote catching, neck and neck races, political plots and patriotism.

We talked to Ron Mendelsohn, executive producer of Campaigns and Elections 2, about this new release and Megatrax’s commitment to serving average Americans and One Percenters alike with quality election-inspired tunes.


Megatrax: Ron, how does the new Campaigns and Elections release differ from the first volume in this series?

Ron Mendelsohn: This album is basically a sequel to Campaigns and Elections 1 which was very well received. The format is the same- both albums are organized into positive and negative cues. However on this album we made a point of using less brass in order to make the album more VO-friendly.


MX: Were any of the tracks inspired by specific candidates or moments in the campaign so far?

RM: As part of our research, we did watch a lot of campaign ads to see what kind of music was being used, although not necessarily from the current campaign season which is just getting started.


MX: Are there any notable contributors on this release?

RM: For this project we tapped several of our core composers who have expertise with this particular style of music: Larry Hall, Dan Beyer, Ed King, Andrew Gross and Gil Talmi. I also contributed a couple of tracks.


MX: What inspires “elections” music? Where is it needed?

RM: Campaign ads are basically either positive or negative. For positive ads, any number of other albums could work, including Positively Retail (MX277), Motivation (TS052), Life Stories (TS054) or Audio Wallpaper (MX162). For negative ads, any of the drama or investigative releases could work, such as Light Drama (MX235), Investigative News (MX237), Ambient Drama (TS093), or Scandal (BIB043), to name a few.

Unlike bands and artists who may object to certain usages of their music for political reasons, production music is designed to be used everywhere and we are happy to see our tracks getting used across the entire political spectrum.

MX321 Campaigns and Elections 2, and INX324 Elections are available on now. In addition to the albums Ron recommended, check out INX252 Statistics, INX241 Politics, Parties, Polls, and INX183 Global Players for more election-ready tracks!

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