what’s creative about the creative process?

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I always consider myself fortunate to be associated with creative folks. Yes, I know, many creative folks can get a little shy owning up to the gifts they have been given. But being around creatives like Randy Hart (Creative Director, Aircast Production) and Ron Mendelsohn (President/CEO, Exec Prod, Megatrax Production Music) is always really insightful.

But, for any creative, where does the creative in the creative process come from? What lights their creative candle? Chance? Happenstance? Maybe…sometimes. But luck is not a reliable bus to travel on.In my view, there are three ways for the creative wheel to be put into motion: (1) random, unpredictable inspiration, (2) gut wrenching pressure of the deadline or (3) the need to prove (or to say) something important to yourself or to others. These three sources are not discrete and often overlap.

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By Joe Falkner, Division Manager, Aircast Production

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