Whirly Girl Music: Nashville’s Music Supes Play DJ on Megatrax.com

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megatrax,production music,music supervisor,nashville,whirly girl,frankie pine,mandi collierFrankie Pine and Mandi Collier of Whirly Girl Music have put together a playlist for Megatrax.com that puts the heart in the heartland. As the curators of the sound of “Nashville” and “Killer Women,” Frankie and Mandi have been immersed in country music, having fun getting familiar with its many facets, and they’ve brought that fun to their selection of tracks from our library, which you can check out HERE.

They also took some time to share a little bit about their process and the work they’re doing. Check in with Frankie and Mandi here, then check out their playlist at Megatrax.com.

Megatrax: Right now, you’re doing great things for Nashville. What is your philosophy when selecting music for the show?  

Whirly Girl: When selecting songs for our actors to sing on camera, we first take into consideration the setting and context of the song. Once those factors are determined, we then refer to our many Dropbox submissions to find the right fit. As for the source music, we have really put forth a lot of effort to feature as many Nashville-based bands as possible. The Nashville music scene is much more than just country, so by including different local bands, we’re also able to showcase the various genres that exist.

MX: You use a lot of up-and-coming artists in your work. Where do you find them?

WG: Listening to pitches from numerous licensing companies, labels, and publishers, searching iTunes, etc., reading music blogs, and going to shows are just a few of the ways that we find new music.

MX: What value does library music have when you’re creating the overall sound of a series or episode?

WG: Most often, we look to music libraries when we’re in need of genres like jazz, classical, or world music, to name a few. Additionally, we also rely on them to help us find great tracks on a limited budget. Library music definitely helps us fill empty spaces in an episode that would otherwise be sparse due to cost restrictions. It really helps us fill the musical voids to make the episode more complete and well-rounded.

MX: What’s most important to you when using library music?

WG: Our favorite music libraries are those that respond to our searches right away. Oftentimes, we look to them when we find ourselves in a time crunch, so any company that can deliver quickly is one that we’ll continue to use.

MX: Have you ever discovered a new artist through the music they created for a library?

WG: You bet – that has happened several times!

MX: What’s coming up next for you?

WG: In addition to ABC’s “Nashville” and “Betrayal,” we are currently working on two new shows, “Killer Women” (ABC) and “Rake” (Fox) which will both air after the new year!

You can learn more about the music of Nashville by watching this video of the American Association of Independent Music’s “Nashville – The Story Behind the Music” from their 2nd annual A2IM Nashville Licensing Day, featuring Frankie Pine.


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