Zest Takes A Bright Leap Into More Upbeat Tracks

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The Zest catalog consistently delivers the happiest of tunes. This new batch builds on the success of past albums. Megatrax breaks down the cheery new lineup of fresh Zest albums.


From The Word GO! (ZST054): Hook-heavy, quirky & quick present-tense pop. (including some full vocals).


Teeny Gleamy Pop Band (ZST055): Shimmering & punchy teen anthems. Kinda guitary, sort-of dancey, mega poppy. (Including full vocal songs).



Hip Hopping Happy (ZST056): Snappy, infectious beats & fun-funk mad melodics.



Go-Go Gadgets (ZST057): Inspiring, dynamic, warm, fun & fibre-optic new-tech tunes.



Cheeky Monkey Indie (ZST058): Immediate & instantly ear-grabbing, quirk’d-up, light, bright pop pieces.


To hear all of the bubbly cues that Zest has to offer, follow the link: ZEST

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